Rich Happy Dentist

Rich Happy Dentist

Dr. Chris Brady

Welcome to the Rich, Happy Dentist Podcast, where being 'rich' in dentistry isn't just about the money. We coach dentists and their teams to build their dental practices around their lifestyles, instead of building their lives around their dental practice.

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Have you ever thought about why patients really choose to come to your practice?  Many dentists like to think it's because of the superior quality of your dentistry... or maybe because you 'treat them like family'. 

The reality is that patients measure quality by how they're treated. 

Why do your patients choose you?

  • Is it because you're inexpensive?
  • Is it because you're on their insurance list?
  • Is it because you're convenient

Why do they stay?  

  • Because they feel heard and understood?
  • Because you value their time and respect their input?
  • Because they don't feel judged?

In this episode Dr. Chris and I discuss how important it is to ensure that your marketing message is intended, and not accidental!


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