The Productive Dentist Podcast

The Productive Dentist Podcast

Dr. Bruce B. Baird: America's Most Productive Dentist

The Productive Dentist Podcast features Dr. Bruce Baird, America’s Most Productive Dentist, as he shares the wisdom and knowledge he has gained in over 30 years of dentistry. A pioneer in dental implants, scheduling, leadership, and practice management, Dr. Baird has a wealth of knowledge he is eager to share to help dentist become more productive and live better lives.

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You’re running behind. Your team is stressed. You struggle to get patients to accept $2,500 treatment plans and you’re doing work piecemeal. Stop! I’m here to tell you today that you can have the kind of practice you dream about: you run on schedule, your team is 100% engaged, you love to go into the office, and your numbers reflect the good work you do. The difference is comprehensive diagnosis. Join me today to learn more.

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