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Laura Ingraham

The most-watched woman in the history of cable news takes her trademark no-holds barred political and cultural commentary to the world of podcasting with "The Laura Ingraham Show," a part of the Quake Media network. A bestselling author, a breast cancer survivor, and the mother of three internationally-adopted children, Laura was the most listened-to woman in talk radio before making the move to podcasting. Laura has been a trailblazer across multiple media platforms, and she brings a unique perspective to this twice-weekly show thanks in part to her experiences as a white-collar criminal defense litigator and a Supreme Court law clerk. Want to hear episodes before everyone else? Subscribe at to join the Quake community.


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Americans' freedom of speech is under assault as Big Tech, the mainstream media, and the Democrat party collude to silence dissenting voices. Civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon joins Laura to discuss the future of the free exchange of ideas. Plus, Gordon Chang stops by to expose how China is exploiting the current unrest in America, and how they lended a helping hand to foment the chaos. To listen to all episodes of Laura's podcast please subscribe at:  Support the show: See for privacy information.

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