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Welcome to the world of anime in the audio dimension. The Anime Podcast is here to bring the best and latest anime news, discussion, reviews, theories, etc Come along with me on this journey of breaking down the most entertaining anime’s out there. Follow The Anime Podcast on Social Media: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Pinterest: Support this podcast:

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Dragon Ball Z: Why Does Vegeta Call Goku Kakarot? | The Anime Podcast

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the reason Vegeta calls him Kakarot has less to do with Goku than it does with the Prince of Saiyans himself. Saiyan civilization has been entirely lost since Frieza blew up their entire planet, and now the names Vegeta and Kakarot are the only remaining evidence that their culture ever existed in the first place. While Goku doesn't grieve over his lost race, Vegeta does, so referring to his only fellow survivor by his given Saiyan name is a way for the Prince to keep their people alive in the spirit.  Read Full Article Here:

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