MaoMi Chinese - Chinese Mandarin podcast

MaoMi Chinese - Chinese Mandarin podcast

MaoMi Chinese

MaoMi Chinese is a podcast and website for Mandarin Chinese learners made by a professional Chinese teacher as well as a Chinese learner - to get the best of both perspectives. We share tips and provide listening practice for intermediate+ learners.

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  • 136 - #136 Every word you want to know to gossip about a bad relationship 
    Sun, 01 Oct 2023
  • 135 - #135 ‘Have you worked hard enough?’ Chinese celebrity caused public outcry 
    Sun, 17 Sep 2023
  • 134 - #134 ‘Face’ is so important in Chinese! 脸面大过天 
    Sun, 10 Sep 2023
  • 133 - #133 This is what they actually mean! Hidden meaning in Chinese conversation 中文里的潜台词 
    Sun, 03 Sep 2023
  • 132 - #132 A Single dog 一只单身狗 
    Sun, 27 Aug 2023
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