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⭐️Transcripts and language activities for all my podcasts are avalable on my website, www.explorefrench.com ⭐️Discover the most captivating way to learn French! My structured narrations are designed to help you practice vocabulary and grammar level by level, while immersing yourself in fascinating topics. ⭐️Podcasts are read in comprehensible French (speed adapted to each level) and are followed by sentence-by-sentence translation and explanations in English. This will help you understand the language and develop your skills quickly and effectively. ⭐️Wanna go further? You can take French lessons online with me (bookings via my website) to further enhance your learning experience. Plus, you can check out my videos on YouTube, and follow me on Instagram and TikTok for more fun and engaging resources. ⭐️Start your exploring French with me!

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⭐ To make the most of this podcast, transcript and language activities are available on my website www.explorefrench.com ⭐ In this B2-level podcast I will talk about the food industry and its impact on the environment. We will see various ways to express opposition and contrast in French, using words such as  "but, however, while, whereas, even though" etc.,  and we will practise the vocabulary related to food products, the food industry, business, and much more! ⭐ In the first part of this podcast, I will speak French at normal speed, and in the second part I will repeat everything I said at slow speed with some explanations in English. ⭐ Contents: 1/ Le kilomètre alimentaire 2/ Le poulet de dégagement 3/ le cabillaud et les noix de cajou 4/ Les crevettes et les coquilles Saint-Jaques 5/ Le circuit court 6/ La consommation locale et ses paradoxes 7/ Les labels de qualité

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