Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Asia Sharif-Clark

Want to take control of your Iron Deficiency Anemia? Tired of feeling exhausted, winded, and weak? Join Asia Sharif-Clark, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, helping women struggling with Iron Deficiency Anemia boost their energy with an integrative health, nutrition, and lifestyle approach, so they can stop dragging and start living with more energy, passion, and joy. After 33 years of struggling with Iron Deficiency Anemia and recovering, Asia is committed to helping you live your amazing life, with more energy, having way more fun! Asia will share actionable steps you can take to help you go from no energy to full of energy, while supporting your relationship with your health provider, and deepening your relationship with yourself. Imagine what you'll be able to do with more energy, and more energy is just the beginning.

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I started journaling years ago and as I continued the habit, I started noticing patterns. That’s when it hit me that journaling can be extremely powerful. In today’s episode, I share my journaling experience and why I call it “data with a story.”


But where do you start? If you’ve never journalled before, that’s okay! In this episode, I give you three main topics to write about, even if they are just jotting down notes. The thing to remember about journaling is that every physical feeling and emotion is important. Nothing is too small to write about and when used the right way, you’ll notice patterns like I did. Empower yourself to find these patterns and continue on your journey towards more passion, energy, and joy.


Show Notes:

[1:31] - Journaling can have a powerful impact on your healing journey. Asia calls it “data with a story.”

[1:58] - Asia started journaling about feelings, food, and being grateful years ago. This is when she started noticing patterns.

[2:40] - The journaling was not only giving Asia useful data, it was telling a story about her journey.

[3:03] - The first thing Asia suggests journaling about is writing down physical sensations.

[3:26] - The second thing is to write down treatments and food, especially new foods.

[3:48] - Asia’s third journaling prompt is to write down how you feel. This is the most important thing. Always consider your emotions.

[4:53] - Asia is working on an online experience called The Nourish Way 2.0. As she’s writing, she is noticing how journaling is prominent throughout.

[5:57] - Journaling is a powerful tool for your personal self but is also empowering when shared with doctors.

[6:38] - Save the date, June 15th, for the exciting The Nourish Way. It is a personalized health, nutrition, and lifestyle experience to help you boost your energy naturally and start living with more passion, energy, and joy.

You are not in this alone. Come back for more stories, more support, and more joy as we go on this journey together.


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