House of House: A House Rewatch Podcast

House of House: A House Rewatch Podcast

Andrew Tavin

It's the House rewatch podcast you've been waiting for! Lenny Burnham and Andrew Tavin are joined by guests to cover the most impactful show of all time, episode by episode. Together we'll explore all the important questions like: "How is House not fired?" "which of these doctors should kiss?" "Does anyone else work in this hospital?" "What if House had a gun?" And more! There will be laughs and trenchant analysis in equal measure, so come on in for the House of House Party!

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It's a gross one! We have eye trauma, skull melting, and what the kids these days call "unalivele tendencies."

We're joined by director Lauren Greenhall to discuss the joys of dosing your friends as well as the problems with kids these days, the number of sex positions that exist, and more!

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