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Welcome to Dance Techno Podcast, this is an open space for the best underground dance music, listen with us and enjoy the journey, be open for the experiences of Techno music. You will connect with us and the best Djs sets in the industry in every episode and just let the your music experience connect with your identity

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DJ Zelda is a techno DJ, entrepreneur, and relationship anarchist based in the Netherlands. She is a resident DJ with EAST Techno Collective in Amsterdam.


  1. Phoenix (Original Mix) Alexandre Benz
  2. Hypno Dance (Original Mix) Adoo
  3. Oscillator (Original Mix) Uto Karem, Hollen
  4. Plastik (Original Mix) Ramon Tapia
  5. Kazar (Original Mix) Sebastiano Pozzone
  6. Shinigami (Original Mix) Carlo Russo
  7. Silence (Original Mix) The Yellowheads, HLGRMS
  8. Mothership (Original Mix) Luis M
  9. Sleepwalker (Original Mix) TiM TASTE
  10. Perfect Silence (Original Mix) Erdem Yetim
  11. Just This (Original Mix) Reform (IT)
  12. Stance (Original Mix) Reform (IT)
  13. Ira (Original Mix) DJ Dextro
  14. Colonia (Original Mix) Space 92
  15. Mood (Original Mix) Bultech
  16. Compete (Original Mix) TiM TASTE
  17. Exodus (Original Mix) Katar, Oliver Poll
  18. Cricket (Original Mix) Oscar Escapa
  19. Swalla (Original Mix) Andrea Camillo


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