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Welcome to Dance Techno Podcast, this is an open space for the best underground dance music, listen with us and enjoy the journey, be open for the experiences of Techno music. You will connect with us and the best Djs sets in the industry in every episode and just let the your music experience connect with your identity

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Daryl Grant is a DJ/producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. His style involves building from the deep and dark sounds of hypnotic techno to the raw energy of hard techno, and that's exactly what he presents to us in this mix. He got into production around two years ago and has had music released on Volume Berlin Records, and I've also got a new EP coming out soon on Black Square Recordings.

Flaminia - Back to Zero
Phil Berg - Dispatched
Drakk - Synthetic
Aesztetik - Loop
Hustla Declan James - First Blood
B2 - Yeah Boy
Daryl Grant - Paroxysm
Parallx - Isarnian Bloodlines [The Awakening]
Balrog - Water Lane
Tassid & Eski - Weird Shit (OB1 Remix)
Goden - Merciful (Arkane Remix)
Selective Response - Screaming For Vengeance (Eaten By Ants Remix)
B2 - Fast Life [Slow Death]
Jana Greenstone - Mine


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