Workout Music Mixes by CINCH Cycling

Workout Music Mixes by CINCH Cycling


This podcast is created to help you go ALL IN on your workouts with the help of creatively crafted continuous electronic music mixes. Electronic music is optimal for working out both for it's high tempo beat as well as it's ability to drive emotion. To help you align your workout intensity with the music intensity each mix is labeled Flow or Fire. Flow mixes are for lower intensity training while Fire mixes are for intense workouts. Enjoy!

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Need to set some PR's this summer?  Feeling blahhhhh this July?

Turn up the heat on your workouts with this intense 1 hour mix by CINCH Coach Tom Danielson.  

This was created with lots of attacking in mind!!!!   

Warming, ONLY to be used for badass workouts!  If you don't have a badass workout to go with this, well, you know where to go for that too hahaha!

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