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Third Impact Anime Podcast

Third Impact Anime Podcast

Third Impact Anime is a bi-weekly podcast focused on exploring the history, artistry, and community of anime. From series reviews to convention coverage and guest interviews, we strive to bring you content that is fun, informative, and interesting! Hosted by Austin (@bebopshock) and many awesome co-hosts.

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An anime convention happened, and we happened to be there. Here us chat about the good, the great, the so-so, and the unexpected of Animazement 2022! Topics include the panels we did, popular cosplays, the great tornado evacuation, and other choice reflections.

Huge thanks to the convention for bringing us out as Featured Panelists for a second time. We had a blast and really appreciate it!

Hosted by Austin (@bebopshock and, Tori (@WorstWaifu and, Bill (@wbforeman999), and Sully.

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