Not So Macho Fans

Not So Macho Fans

Danny and Luke

A couple of video store softies discussing "Tough Guy Cinema" classics. They sorta talk about the movie. They mostly talk about themselves.

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On this week’s Not So Macho Fans, the Cheeseburger Boys take a trip down south to the Florida Keys with special guest Nic Hester-- @bortgumphries -- for 1975’s oddball-drama, 92 in the Shade. The three lads linger with the hang-out movie, searching for its tough guy mysteries like Jimmy’s lost shaker of salt. Listen in as the Fans’ make the best out of the film’s every virtue and vice – as if it was some sort of cheeseburger in paradise. *Please note this episode was recorded inside the boys' fish smoker refrigerator, so the sound quality might be a bit off.*

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